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IDENTT – AML compliant identity and age verification

We offer reliable solutions for age verification, identity proofing and KYC. Our experts support you with integrating anti-money laundering regulations compliant onboarding processes.


Online identity verification with IDENTT Vision

IDENTT Vision is the cornerstone of our automated product class and the ideal solution for your digital onboarding needs. The IDENTT Vision web service lets you integrate modern AI based online identity verification into your applications. For smaller volume needs we offer IDENTT Vision Instant so you can start identifying your customers online in minutes.

Travel document checks

Age verification

Biometric face comparison

Liveness detection

Address verification

PEP check

Sanctions lists check

Lost or Stolen check

Video identification

24/7 service

IDENTT Knowledge

Verify international travel documents with IDENTT Knowledge

Our reference database for worldwide travel documents helps your front desk or back office verify the validity of ID documents and includes all required tools for documenting this process.

Personal support

Verify travel documents reliably using our tools for automatic or manual checks. For this purpose, we offer one of the biggest image collections of security features in the world.IDENTT Knowledge is accessed through the web browser. The database is continuously maintained by our document experts who also support you with questions regarding specific documents. Their expertise is included in the subcription.

IDENTT Knowledge

Verify banknotes and coins – IDENTT Knowledge database for banknotes

Up-do-date information on over 227 currencies worldwide, with many detailed photos of security features and a comprehensive glossary help you verify the authenticity of cash money and prevent fraud.

Recognise forgeries while trading with banknotes

Our specially trained content team provides you with the information you need for your banknote trading. Our always up-to-date banknote news keep you informed about all the latest developments in the world of cash money.

Age verification

Make sure your customers are over 18 and create legally safe online environments.

Identity verification

Know who you are dealing with for safer online business transactions.

KYC process

We support your KYC processes with automated identity proofing, PEP and sanctions lists checks.

Customer onboarding

Minimise bounce rates, simplify the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction.

Compliance consulting

Be in the know about the EU anti-money laundering directive, eIDAS, GDPR etc.


Accelerate time-to-contract by offering your customers the possibility to digitally sign contracts.

Hand in hand with our customers

Our team of expert consultants supports you with your customer processes so you can focus on your core business.

We offer personal and individual compliance consulting.

Together we analyse your customer processes.

You receive an offer custom-fit to your KYC needs.

We support you during integration.

We provide taylor-made solutions for all industries.

Compliance consulting and service

Give us a call or send us a message. We would love to hear from you.